Vatican Specola and Albano Lake, near my home.
Vatican Specola and Albano Lake, near my home.

Hi, and Welcome on my Web-page.

My call sign is IZØKRC and my Name is Claudio.


I'm living in a small town ARICCIA, that is located in to Area of Roman Castles at far to ROME Capital Town, aprox. 20 Km. South.

The Area of Roman Castels, are formed from 14 municipalities scattered around the old Latium Volcano, now extinguished.
The Area is formed from sweet hills and have into two vulcanic lakes, calls lake of Nemi and lake of Albano, in this last one the hung ones of Castelgandolfo with its summery Residence of the Pope . (to the side you can see a picture of Vatican Specola, into the Summer Residence of Pope ).
The  Roman Castles beyond that for its Natural sites, they are famous as the orginarie Latium populations, that have given life to the city of Rome and to its Empire.
Rome is born in fact as first military takeover of the city of Albalonga (puts into effect them Albano) in order to define the supremacy of Rome on the original Albano with the battle dictates Of the Orazi and Curiazi.
The original Latin population, in order to avoid spilling of blood between " Brothers" , they decided that the supremacy of one of the two contendenti cities are be decided between the battle of two families, the family of Curiazi for Albalonga Vs  the Family of the Orazi for Rome.
The supremacy of Rome on Albano and the birth gained the Orazi on the Curazi determining win of Roma and born of Roman Empire.
 In the city of Albano the are a  mausoleo called " tomb" of the Orazi and Curiazi to memory of such hystoric fact.



My Hobbies:

I'm licensened in 2005, before I work for more time on 11 mt. for DX.

Now I'm active on HF and 6 meters, sometimes during contest worked in VHF and UHF.

I prefer DX activity in HF and 6 meters and like to collection Qsl Cards all over the worlds.

Qsl via Bureau is prefered via.


Other hobby are diving activity, and cultivate Palms and Cycads e Zamias from all over the world.







IS0/IZ0KRC - 2016

From SARDINIA Island

Iota Ref. EU-024 –- II.A. SD-001

Active from 24 August to 06 September 2016.

Locator JM48KV - Province of Cagliari, south Sardinia.


Qsl Via Bureau, via my home call.



PLEASE NOTE : I'm operate in Holiday Style/qrp.

Active on SSB-CW and digital mode in HF and 6 mt.


I hope to listen you on Air.





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          During year 2006 I was active from Seychelles Island with qrz

          of  S79RC, IOTA Ref AF-024. Qsl via my Homecall Via Bureau,

         Qsl via Bureau is prefered way.


          During year 2008 I was active from San Pietro Island with qrz

          of IM0/IZØKRC  (EU-165, IIA CI-009)   Qsl via Bureau, via my



During 29 April until 04 May 2009, I was active from Ischia Island with Qrz of  IC8/IZØKRC (EU-031, IIA NA-01).

I was active as Holiday Station in

HF Band.   Qsl via Bureau, via my homecall.


During 12 and 22 June 2009, I was active from USTICA Island with Qrz of  IE9/IZØKRC (EU-051,  IIA PA-001).

I was active as Holiday Station in

HF Band, and 6 mt.     Qsl via Bureau, via my homecall.



       Date : from 24 July to 03 August 2009.

During this period I'm Active from Sardinia Island with Qrz of  ISØ/IZØKRC (EU-024,  IIA SD-001).

Locato JN40DO - Alghero city - SS.

I'm active as Holiday Station in

HF Band and 6 mt.



Date from 28 August to 08 September 2011, I was active from Elba Island with Qrz of  IA5/IZØKRC (EU-028,  IIA LI-001).

I was active as Holiday Station in

HF Band, and 6 mt.     Qsl via Bureau, via my homecall.



       Date : from 23 June to 17 july 2012.

Iota Ref. EU-024 - IIA. SD -001.

Locator JN40TG - Cala Gonone city - NU.

I'm was active as Holiday Station in HF Band and 6 mt.



  • Sardinia Is. ISØ/IZØKRC - 2015

        Date : from 31 July to 18 August 2015 2012.

        Iota Ref. EU-024 –- II.A. SD-001

        Locator JN41ND - Province O.T. , north Sardinia.





My Others hobby are Diving activity, cultivate Palms, Cycads and tropical tree, ecc.